Siemens and Pfizer Cooperate to Personalise Treatment

Jan 13, 2014 | In Vitro Diagnostics

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics will work together with pharma company Pfizer to develop diagnostic tests for a range of Pfizer’s therapeutic drugs. Siemens announced that it will provide in vitro diagnostic tests for use in clinical studies and, eventually, commercialize them along with Pfizer products.

Many drugs are only effective for a certain proportion of the patients having the necessary biochemical and genetic preconditions. Companion diagnostic tests are deployed to assess how a person responds to a specific drug or therapy. That enables physicians to tailor the treatment to their patients and to monitor the progress of the therapy.

“Companion diagnostics are an important enabler of targeted therapies for patients,” said John Hubbard, senior vice president at Pfizer. “This agreement with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics is another example of Pfizer’s commitment to develop new precision medicines to address un-met clinical needs.”

Siemens, already cooperating with other, smaller pharma companies, will be one of the developing partners of Pfizer. “Our relationship with Pfizer marks a major milestone in Siemens’ personalized medicine strategy,” said Trevor Hawkins, senior vice president of the diagnostics division at Siemens Healthcare. “We look forward to collaborating with Pfizer to realize the goal of advancing innovative solutions that change the way patient care is delivered and, together, shape the future of diagnostic medicine.”

— By Thomas Klein, Associate Editor, EMDT