Do you need a full service company? 

We help you to grow your company either organically or strategically. We provide full service: business development, marketing and sales, in and out licensing, M&A and international fundraising

If you are a company in the healthcare market, whether a Biotech, Pharma, IVD, Medical Devices or Consumer Health / Nutraceutical company, Connectem has the resources and expertise to cover the whole range of   services that are necessary to develop your business worldwide. 

From business development to commercialization, in and out-licensing, M&A, and international fundraising, we make sure you find the appropriate distribution partner in your country of interest. We assist you in your licensing activities, either if you want to out-license your own product or technology, or you want to in-license a product or technology from a third party. Connectem also allows your company to grow strategically by selecting the appropiate M&A-candidate.