New collaboration with Finnish NADMED Ltd.

Mar 20, 2024 | Pharma / Biotech

We are excited to collaborate with Finnish NADMED Ltd., and introduce its new diagnostic kit for measuring NAD+ / NADH-levels in whole blood samples. This test is CE-marked and represents a cost-effective, quick and accurate alternative to mass spectrometry measurement. There is no need to invest in new equipment since standard clinical laboratory equipment can be used to run the test. In addition to the CE-marked kit NADMED Ltd has developed methodology to measure all 4 forms of NADs and both reduced and oxidized glutathiones from blood and other tissues. These extended measurements are currently available as RUO kits and/or lab service.

Pharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organization may profit from the NADMED-test by measuring NAD+ / NADH-levels in healthy volunteers and/or patients before phase I clinical trials (dose-finding studies) in order to stratify candidates according to their metabolic status. If the patient´s metabolism is compromised, i.e. NAD levels are exceptionally low or high, the pathways responsible for both pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics may work suboptimally, thereby weakening the desired effects of the medication.

NADMED-test as a Companion Diagnostic

The NADMED-test may also be used as a Companion Diagnostic (CDx) to optimize inclusion and exclusion criteria during patient stratification in phase II clinical trials. NAD-measurement can also be used to monitor drug effects and efficacy during a therapy. E.g. several anti-cancer drugs have drastic effects on energy metabolism (mitochondria) which urges to follow the metabolic status of the patients throughout the treatment. Also, clinics that offer NAD boosting supplementation, e.g. to patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases, can utilize the NADMED-test to establish NAD-baseline for their patients, and monitor efficacy of the treatment.