Karim Balan joins “Uninvest” as Advisory Board member

Mar 5, 2018 | Sin categoría

Karim Balan is now member of the Advisory Board of Uninvest, a Spanish venture capital firm that is raising capital for its third technology transfer fund (Uninvest III) with a total volume of 50m EUR. The fund will mainly invest in Nanotechnology, Material sciences/new materials, Agro-food, Industrial biotechnology, and Health technologies like IVD and Med Tech.

Uninvest is the leader and pioneer in technology transfer in Spain. Since 2001 it has made 33 investments and 22 divestments.

There are hardly any investors in Spain with the necessary resources and knowledge to turn spin-offs into viable companies. Uninvest has a capillary access network to technology transfer projects due to its long track record and agreements with 35 universities, research centers and technology parks.

Spain is the fifth European country in terms of volume and quality of its scientific production with more than 150 spin-offs from universities and research centers every year, much of which have the potential to become innovative and profitable companies.