Instrumentation Laboratory Acquires CA Casyso AG, Including Tem® Subsidiaries And ROTEM® Testing Systems

Sep 20, 2016 | In Vitro Diagnostics

— Patient Blood Management Product Line and Expertise Complement Company’s Focus on Hemostasis and Critical Care Testing —

BEDFORD, Mass., Sept. 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Instrumentation Laboratory (IL) today announced the acquisition of CA Casyso AG (Basel, Switzerland) and its Tem subsidiaries (Tem), a global leader in in vitro diagnostic (IVD) testing for Patient Blood Management (PBM) with their flagship ROTEM testing systems. This allows IL to complement and expand their leadership in Hemostasis and Critical Care IVD through expertise and a leading product line in viscoelastic testing. IL, an integral part of the Werfen family of companies, develops and manufactures products, distributed by a direct sales force in North America and Werfen organizations around the globe. Tem, with a direct sales force in seven markets, including the US, has consistently achieved above-market growth in the PBM market.


In hospital trauma and surgical patients with clinically significant bleeding, ROTEM whole blood analyzers provide a rapid differential diagnosis of coagulopathies. This supports targeted transfusion and coagulation factor concentrate therapy and, as a result, is key to PBM programs. PBM is a multi-disciplinary, evidence-based medical concept, optimizing a patient’s own blood volume, minimizing blood loss and thereby significantly reducing or avoiding blood transfusion.1 Many transfusions are inappropriate and lead to avoidable complications, resulting in a significant increase in morbidity, mortality, and overall hospital costs.


“A passion for innovation, leading systems and extensive knowledge in PBM, make Tem a perfect complement to our focus, commitment, and leadership in Hemostasis and Critical Care IVD,” said Ramon Benet, CEO at IL. “IL and our global Werfen organizations are ideally positioned to maximize the potential of the ROTEM product line, which intersects our existing business and presents synergies in our core competencies and customer call points. Most importantly, ROTEM systems share the same ultimate benefit of all our products — to help customers reduce overall hospital costs, while improving patient care.”


ROTEM testing systems leverage technology known as rotational thromboelastometry. Rapidly detecting coagulopathies associated with perioperative bleeding allows treatment with targeted therapy, thereby minimizing or preventing massive bleeding and hemorrhagic shock. ROTEM systems provide reliable results for differential diagnosis and treatment within 10-15 minutes, versus 45-60 minutes for traditional laboratory testing.


ROTEM systems include ROTEM Delta and ROTEM Sigma* for whole blood IVD testing in satellite and central laboratories. ROTEM Delta is a semi-automatic device that provides a qualitative and quantitative indication of the coagulation state of a blood sample by measuring clot-firmness changes, in association with five specific ROTEM assays, for use in clinicians’ differential diagnoses. New ROTEM Sigma systems fully automate testing with a single cartridge that allows closed-tube sampling, with no pipetting or manual reagent handling. This simplification of testing drives faster turnaround for results and more effective PBM.


Today, IL is the leading manufacturer of instruments and reagents for the Hemostasis market worldwide. IL has continually been at the forefront of innovation in Hemostasis testing, culminating in the recent release of the new ACL TOP Family 50 Series Hemostasis Testing Systems with automated pre-analytical sample checks. The ACL TOP Family of fully automated analyzers is the number one Hemostasis analyzer platform in the world. Coupled with a comprehensive menu of HemosIL® reagents and a full complement of supporting services, software, and automation solutions, IL offers complete Disease State Management in Hemostasis.


In Critical Care, the GEM® product line has revolutionized blood gas/electrolytes/metabolite testing at the point-of-care and in laboratories worldwide. New GEMweb®Plus 500 Custom Connectivity provides complete control of analyzers, operators, and data within a hospital or hospital network, for patient safety, quality management and compliance.

CA Casyso AG (Basel, Switzerland), is the parent company of Tem Innovations, Tem International and Tem Systems.