Companion Diagnostic Development Service

Jul 22, 2021 | In Vitro Diagnostics

RUBYnanomed, a spin-off from the INL (International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory) and affiliated to Connectem S.L., is a “Contract Diagnostics Organization” (CDO) for Pharma companies in oncology.

By integrating and synchronizing all IVD development activities, RUBYnanomed will be a single ‘start-to finish’ IVD partner that will help Pharma companies to simplify and speed the process to complete a Companion Diagnostic (CDx) at the right time. RUBYnanomed’s technology can be used by Pharma companies as a service, together with CROs.

Benefits for Pharma companies

PHASE I/IbBiomarker verification, novel pharmacodynamic marker development, target and marker prevalence in larger cohorts, efficacy analysis.

PHASE II: Retrospective studies for marker efficacy, prospective patient selection, clinical analysis comparing marker efficacy vs. established endpoints, identification of resistance signatures, CDx Development.

PHASE III: Prospective analysis and CDx development.

The technology

The RUBYchipTM is a microfluidic-based device that isolates CTCs from a blood sample based on their size and deformability, followed by in situ immunocytochemistry of cell markers. The device also allows further downstream molecular analysis.

RUBYchip efficiently checks therapeutic efficacy of oncology drugs in Phase I – II, and can also be used as a CDx to find new therapeutic targets for personalized medicine.

RUBYchip can accurately detect heterogeneity for the development of biomarkers and the detection of clones resistant to a therapy.rapy.

Furthermore, RUBYchip  does not require any sample pre-treatment, which contributes for higher efficiency to isolate viable cells.